It has been a beneficial journey towards better health and improved vitality I have been traipsing on with my family. Not so long ago I looked at food merely as a satisfying belly filler, basing my choices on taste over health or nutrition in particular. Not that we have ever eaten overly badly, but when I look now at some of the choices my family made diet wise, I know that I would rarely decide those same options now. Too much information embedded in my consciousness now helps me to make a whole menagerie of better choices.

One of the easiest choices for any on of us to incorporate into our diets, and that of our children - is RAW CACAO POWDER. What the hell is it? Well its just raw chocolate powder - similar to that you might find in your Grocery store cake supplies aisle. The difference is, that rather than looking at chocolate powder merely as an artificial delicacy, empty of nutrition and full of sugar peaks and sugar crashes after the fact - it could be seen as an enormously health benefiting super food. Because it is! Okay - not the cadburys stuff you find in the local supermarket - but the Raw Cocoa/cacao powder. 

The difference? Processing vs unprocessed. There is no taste difference whatsoever, it looks exactly the same as processed chocolate. Neither are sweet, both require added sweetening to taste like the chocolate milk you know and love. But the difference is so extreme it's hard to believe they are the same product.

The question is, why would ANYBODY choose processed cocoa over the raw stuff? It's a no brainer - cost. The cost of buying raw organic cacao powder online or in the health food store is higher than one would expect from the cheap and nasty versions that have been processed to all but completely lose their health benefits.

So, if you are willing to give your body an enormous boost of vitamins and minerals - if you want the highest possible source of Antioxidant value that you can get anywhere in any other foods you could consume - then you must replace the old Milo tin or Cocoa powder from the grocery store with some Raw Cacao Powder. I have two sources that I buy from online. The first is www.maretai.com and the second is www.organicsaustraliaonline.com.au

Now for the recipe! It's easy, and I feel a lot less guilty giving my daughters a chocolate milk shake these days than I used to!



1 tsp raw cacao powder
1 - 2 tsp manuka honey/raw sugar
3/4 cup hot , just boiled spring water
3/4 cup whole organic milk/rice/oat/almond etc


1) Heat water in saucepan or kettle to boil. 
2) Add the milk to your cup/bottle. 
3) Add the raw cacao powder and sweetener to the cup/bottle
4) Pour the water in, shake or stir to mix.

You want to add the milk first so that the water doesn't scald the raw cacao. By mixing the milk and cacao a little first, you reduce this substantially. Your milkshake will be warm not scalding hot - perfect for babies and children to drink immediately.

And rather than filling them with unwanted crap - you know the sugar they're getting and you know that using this recipe you are giving your kids an amazing antioxidant boost that no other ingredient can match!

Go make a chocolate milk and relax - you got this. :D

Recently, thanks to my Naturopath, I was introduced to the fabulous marvels of Manuka Honey. What is Manuka Honey? Well, Manuka is a traditional word used for the Tea Tree, found in Australia and New Zealand. 

It is a highly medicinal plant/tree, with loads of antibacterial/antiviral/antifungal properties. The oils are probably already familiar to you - used in personal hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing the home and wound healing. But the honey that comes from bees that pollinate the Tea Trees is AH MAAAAAYYY ZZINNNNGGG!!!! Manuka has been medically proven to assist in the healing of wounds including burns and other nasties - by adding Manuka Honey with a UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) of 10+ it is considered medically potent enough to assist in this healing - preventing bacterial and fungal growth and allowing a warm and wet environment for which the damaged skin and tissue can heal. It has been used for a helluva long time by natural healers and it's satisfying to see Western Science catching up.

My Naturopath recommended it for helping to heal intestinal and gut issues my family all suffer from. At first I wasn't sure about it, it looked expensive and I am not at all a fan of regular honey. As a kid my Aunty tried feeding Hot Lemon and Honey Tea during a bad case of the flu - and I swear I almost hurled. Not a fan of hot honey and besides - most Manuka honey is actually raw - so we don't want to ruin the beneficial enzymes and goodies by scalding it in boiling water!

So, I purchased some Manuka honey from the local Supermarket, just to give it a try and see if it was all that it was cracked up to be. I wanted it to be as close to the medically useful UMF as I could afford, without being overblown expensive. So I chose a UMF of 8+ for around $10 for 500g. That makes it about twice as much as regular store bought processed honey - but I wasn't after regular honey, I wanted it specifically for its antimicrobial/baddy fighting properties - so I took the plunge.

 FIRSTLY:  It is DELICIOUS!!!! I would like to compare it to musicians for a second lol. Regular honey, could be likened to Carol King...it's good and all, it hits the spot. But is generally mild and mellow in essence. Manuka honey on the other hand, has so many highlights it is more akin to Whitney Housten or Celine Dion. There are many steps and stages to it's form, so many more that it fills your palate completely with high and low tones! It was like my tongue was dancing, tasting this amazing product for the first time!!!!!! I mean it - its gooood. lol

Now that being said - some people prefer Carol King to Celine Dion. You need to be in the right mood to experience each of them in their element. So I can see there is a place for Manuka, and also for regular honey. And right now I'm on the Diva honey tangent ... and I am experiencing it's many medicinal benefits.

Here is a recipe I created for my own children during a recent common cold we've all experienced. 4


# Half a lemon
# 4 Cups of Spring Water
#1 Tblspn Manuka Honey (Higher UMF the better. I used 8+ UMF)

Required: Blender.


1)  Pour the fresh water in a blender. 
2)  Cut a lemon in half, using a juicer or your hand and a fork to press in the flesh, dig that juice out of that lemon! If you drop any seeds in, use that fork to dig em out! :)
3)  Add the honey. You may add more honey to sweeten and adjust to your preferred taste, but the single tablspn is the bare minimum for myself to enjoy the Lemonade.
4) Place cap on blender and blitz away - the lemonade should become a bit frothy and cloudy. The whole idea is to mix the honey through evenly.
5) Now taste and adjust to sweeten further if required. Drink up!

I tend to store this mixture at room temperature in the cupboard rather than in the fridge. One reason is because room temperature beverages are easier for the body to immediately digest than cool. Another is that lemon and honey are preservative by nature. And the other is because both kids whinge when it's too cold :). The other lemon half goes in the fridge for later.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do! It definitely helped see us through our bout with the cold this week - and tasted delish! Without any added preservatives or nasties - just all honest to goodness benefit!

Don't be fooled by P.R. campaigns which encourage you to buy every supplement and pill, chemical concoction and gargle to treat every affliction you have,. The truth is there are a huge number of natural remedies which have been used for a helluva long time (some of them millenia) and which have proven effective for all kinds of health ailments.

 Where do you think Western Medicine has it's roots? Google some Hippocrates Quotes (The Western Medical Practitioner takes the Hippocratic oath - to do no harm), and you will hear him speak like today's naturopath. Open minded, looking for cures and healing, not disease maintenance and chemical cocktails which hold us in a perpetual state of poor health.

Le'ts talk about OIL PULLING...

What in Gunji Sticks is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling involves the process of swishing oil in one's mouth, for between five and 20 minutes.  Doing this regularly as a detoxifying process not only benefits gum and oral health, with the oil binding to the fatty parts of bacteria which hide in the caverns and crevices of your teeth and gums. It is a way to cleanse your body at the earliest stage of illness. Afterall they say most if not all disease begins in the mouth (and 80% + of your immune system is present in your gut).

With the same old concept found in such natural principles of Homeopathy, and even spiritual principles, of "like attracting like", the oil binds to the bacteria, prying them from their lair and getting them ready for the almighty expulsion out of your body.


I have read about the benefits of using Coconut Oil in particular, due to the enzymes in your saliva and the antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial qualities of Raw Coconut Oil acting beneficially to eradicate nasties. Laboratory tests said coconut is the bees knees, and I knew this already so went with it. It is also the most palatable in my opinion.

Here is a great article on Detoxifying your body with the aide of Oil Pulling:

"Both detoxification and disease starts in the mouth. Besides being the beginning of the digestive tract, the mouth the point of origin for many bacteria to enter the body. Using an ancient Ayurvedic method of cleansing harmful bacteria from the mouth, oil pulling, you can do wonders for your health.

Bacteria in the mouth

There are more bacteria in the human mouth than there are people on earth and there are over 600 types of bacteria. In his book Oil Pulling Therapy, Dr. Bruce Fife discusses how the types and amounts of bacteria found in the mouth reflect a person's health. We all have both good and bad bacteria in our mouths, but healthier people have better ratios (more good, less bad). For example, high blood sugar encourages the growth of certain bacteria. Bad oral bacteria is also thought to be linked to heart disease. One study on over 1,300 people over a 10-yr period found that heart disease was three times more prevalent for those with gum disease.

A number of studies have demonstrated that oral bacteria can cause or trigger arthritis.

It is also well known that any oral virus or bacteria, even "good" bacteria, can become deadly if it enters the bloodstream (known as focal infection).

These examples demonstrate how complex and delicate our bacterial ecosystems are and how the simple practice of oil pulling can have such far reaching health benefits all over the body.

How does oil pulling work?

Oil pulling improves a number of health conditions ranging from eczema to arthritis through its affect on oral bacteria.

Brushing, flossing and mouthwash only reduce mouth bacteria for a short while by reducing the food particles bacteria eat. Oil pulling, however, is able to draw bacteria from every nook and cranny, bind to it, and eliminate it from the body. Talk about major detoxification!

As an added bonus for all the skeptics out there, oil pulling is a simple and inexpensive way to whiten teeth and freshen breath.

The impact of oil pulling on bacterial levels is greater than brushing and flossing for one simple reason: the membranes of microorganisms are fat-soluble, not water-soluble. When you put oil in your mouth and swish it through your teeth, bacteria hiding in crevices, gums, pores and tubules become attached to the oil. When you spit the oil out, you are also spitting out millions of bacteria and viruses that could cause or contribute to disease if left to proliferate.

So really, the oil is just a means of removing disease causing microorganisms so that your immune system doesn't have to work so hard and can instead focus its efforts elsewhere. In essence, the body heals itself. Oil pulling helps clear the path to enable that healing and detoxification.

READ MORE: http://www.examiner.com/article/boost-health-and-detoxification-with-oil-pulling

How to add Oil Pulling to your Daily Routine

Because Virgin Coconut Oil is the best oil on planet Earth (my biased opinion ofcourse), and due to it's price tag being a premium, I decided to use Coconut Milk/Cream to do my daily Oil Pulling Regime. 

So, every morning and evening, you simply go to the fridge, and using a clean spoon, take a tablespoon of coconut cream/milk from the top of the glass of coconut milk you've left in your fridge (which has cling wrap covering it). 

Swish this delicious coconut cream in your mouth while you have some quiet time. Do your dishwashing, clothes washing, house tidying, take a shower. 

Don't swallow any! It is accumulating bacteria as you swish, getting down into the deep dark crevices in your mouth and attaching to the fatty parts of these pathogens and nasties. Do not GARGLE, because you'll probably choke on it and splutter down a bit.

Your kids will probably demand your attention during this time at first. My eldest was miffed at me and thought I was ignoring her for some sick punishment. She proceeded to scream and carry on until I finally spat it out and thought "WHAT THE fARK HAPPENED TO QUIET TIME IN THIS HOUSE!!!??" LMAO

It is advised that one doesn't spit it into the sink because of the bacteria it contains. I will confess, I spit it straight into the toilet. Forgive me, but the shit that goes in there ain't clean anyway. (Pardon the pun LMAO)

Brush your teeth, and await the health benefits. Including, it is rumoured, whiter brighter teeth. You may have an issue if there are any old bacterially infested fillings or crowns in your mouth.  It is suggested that the dislodgement of bacteria and probably plaque/tartar can make those old girls a bit wobbly. I'm more concerned about health than dirty old crowns, and so should you be ;)

The whole process feels a whole lot better for oral health than the infliction of alcohols and fluoride rinses which have been proven to cause such a disharmony in the mouth, one where bad bacteria can overcome the natural populations of good bacteria in the mouth, causing such conditions as halitosis. (severe bad breath).

Also - Oil Pulling is great for clearing sinuses. Noone explains exactly why, but as you're swishing you feel your sinuses emptying. It's weird. But good. Better out that in. I'd say it's due to the suction in your mouth pulling residual mucous out of your nasal passages. That's my guess anyway.

Another tip, whilst washing one's hair and face, it can be tricky to breath with a mouthful of coconut milk. Take this into account if you're not yet a seasoned Oil Pulling God or Goddess.

I hope this helps you on your path to overall health and wellbeing. Namaste'
I've intuitively known for a while, that Aluminium found in all commercial deodorants can't be good for one's overall health. 
Now I have learned so much about the toxicity of our body from environmental exposure, and here I'm referring to our own personal biospheres and not merely some abstract concept of environment. The one we are exposed to daily, as we sleep, breath, go about out personal hygiene routines, rehydrate and consume foods.  

So to aluminium - I have an info page about it within The Truth is Brighter Website Pages, it's a cumulative toxin, and Alzheimers sufferers have loads of it stored in their brain tissues. Vaccine Companies include it in most jabs, to serve as an adjuvant, which stimulates the immune system to overreact to the pathogen being introduced into the body. 

I don't wanna get all preachy. Toxins are bad. We should limit them as much as possible. Especially ones known to be associated with serious illness. 

I have tried a few different brands. The first, was FRESCA - I bought it online at organicsaustraliaonline.com.au (GREAT SITE BTW! for ordering all sorts of natural goodies, great prices and fast affordable shipping etc! My current fave.). The Fresca Ocean scented natural deodorant has a bunch of awesome essential oils which all work to keep bacteria at bay. 

If you aren't already clued in on it, we get stinky not because of sweat but due to the bacteria that feeds on our sweat, producing odours that are pewwwy. B.O.

So anything that acts as an antibacterial agent is going to stave off that rankness a lot longer than no deodorant. Which I tried for about a week once, after my kids lots my Fresca roll on deo and I was too povo stricken to spend another $15 on a new one. 

The Fresca Natural Oils Deodorant works well, but its sticky. There is really nothing to keep your underarms dry, so you walk around flapping your arms like a chicken... not the best look LOL. It does keep you from stinking though, and that's always a bonus. It also won an award for being the most effective natural deo - and I agree, it works.

I was desperate when I tried my second natural deodorant, Weleda Brand, made in Switzerland and purchased from my Naturopath.  Again, it was the same principle of essential oils staving off bacterial growth and thus reducing stank. However, it contained only SAGE Oil, and I wasn't a big fan. It was the only scent she had in stock, and I had been going deo free and considering using store bought commercial deo just to get me by until my next online order. 

Sage, isn't my most desired essential oil. Yes, its great for clearing one's house of unwanted energies, but it will probably clear your life of all your friends and associates if you choose to slather that stuff under your pits on a daily basis. Because of my lack of desire to do this to my friends and family, I sprayed only a minimal amount - turns out, that wasn't enough to protect against stank. It was no good, no good at all.

So, I got desperate. I trawled online for the best Natural Deo Reviews around the place. And what I found, was a bunch of similar experiences cited from all over the globe .  Disheartened Mamas who were sweating up a storm and stinking up the place. Sweaty underarms and flapping their wings.  Unpleasantly falling short of deodorant perfection.

But there was one recipe that kept cropping up, and it's the one that I now use PERFECTLY FINE with NO B.O. EVER (so far, and I'm a sweater, yes sirry bob!). I don't even bother doing the whiff test now, I really have found something that works and I'm STOKED.

So here it is my friend : use it for good, use it wisely, use it liberally, it won't stink you out and you can have fun playing with the scents. Adjust to your own desired smell preferences!!!

The Most Awesome Natural Deodorant Recipe, Ever


1/4 cup of Bi Carb Soda
1/4 cup of raw virgin coconut oil
1/4 cup of arrowroot starch (some people use cornstarch - but there's something about cornstarch possibly allowing yeast growth)
20 - 40 drops essential oil. (I looooove Mandarin, a citrus one is always great, but you can use any you desire. Rose will be my next attempt.) Please ensure that you use quality essential oils, these are not the same as the cheap ones you find at $2 stores. Try online suppliers like organicsaustraliaonline.com.au 




1) Mix first three ingredients, adjusting if it's too thick or too thin accordingly. It should be about perfect to start with. Add between 20 - 40 odd drops of essential oil. I used about 50 but I'm a lover of mandarin fruit scent lol.

2) Line a small mug or dessert cup with cling wrap. Add the paste to this dooveelacky and  then twist the cling wrap. I then pricked holes in the other side with a pin, hoping to give the mixture a bit of a "Dove deodorant creme" snazz. 

However, I ended up poking so many pin holes in it to achieve this that it became close, but no cigar. If you have an old empty dove or other creme deodorant dispenser hanging around your cupboard space, use that!! It will be awesome! Otherwise, if you've been a spray deodorant woman for years and have no empty containers, don't worry. Just keep your new homemade natural deo in the fridge, in that cup. What will happen - is it will turn hard from being in the fridge. This is due to the coconut oil solidifying at this temperature. 

You can rip the part of the cling wrap that is on the opposite side of the twist you made to tie the deo. Just hold it by the still wrapped part and apply the deodorant from your fridge after your shower. It melts after a few underarm rubs and absorbs well.

The arrowroot starch/cornstarch helps absorb excess sweat, so I don't experience the same tackiness I did from oil only natural deodorants. And the bicarb, coconut oil and natural essential oils all act as antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial agents collectively. From memory, bicarb soda creates an alkaline ph - bacteria hate that.

So, have a go for yourself and join the revolution! *Enter Rage Against the Machine Song*

In case you haven't discovered already, I need to tell you this.  And FAST.  

Raw unprocessed homemade cacao chocolate is extremely vitamin and mineral rich, jam packed with antioxidants, and is really really good for you.

From the wonderful resource Natural News:  "Cacao is derived from Theobroma Cacao beans, which literally means "Food of the Gods". Cacao contains over 300 compounds including: protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, iron, zinc, copper, calcium and magnesium. Magnesium helps to build strong bones and is a muscle relaxant associated with feelings of calmness. Cacao is also high in sulfur, which helps form strong nails and hair.

In addition, cacao also contains the chemicals phenylethylamine (PEA) and anandamide. PEA is an adrenal-related chemical that we create naturally when we're excited. It also plays a role in feeling focused and alert because it causes your pulse rate to quicken, resulting in a similar feeling to when we are excited or fall in love!

Another 'bliss' chemical found in chocolate is the lipid anandamide. It's there in our brain when we feel great. Anandamide is also called "chocolate amphetamine" as it causes changes in blood pressure and blood-sugar levels, leading to feelings of excitement and alertness.

Anandamide works like amphetamines to increase mood and decrease depression, but it is not addictive like caffeine or illegal with undesirable side-effects like amphetamines. Anandamide is quite unique in its resemblance to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a chemical found in marijuana.

The good news is that even though the anandamide in chocolate helps to create feelings of elation, the effect is not the same as the THC in marijuana. It would take approximately twenty five pounds of chocolate to achieve a 'high' similar to marijuana and the nausea would overpower any feelings of bliss at all.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/022610_cacao_chocolate_raw.html#ixzz2KSZfe5ZD"

All things however should be taken in moderation.  There are two compounds found in chocolate which can be a bit of a downer. One is Theobromine. Apparently it makes up about 1 - 2 % of the cacao bean, and has about 1/4 of the power of its sister molecule Caffeine when it comes to stimulating the nervous system and dilating blood vessels. It can give people a rush and then the crash, so associated with Caffeine. Cacao's compound theobromine, is also a mild diuretic (increasing urination output) and medical uses of the compound include the treatment of heart attacks from the excessive accumulation of fluid.

Oxalic Acid is the second compound found in chocolate beans which can be of concern. Oxalic acid interferes with the absorption of calcium by the body, especially in chocolate packed with sugar. (Sugar is said to excrete calcium even more so than oxalic acid.)

Now to the antioxidant value of raw choccy!!! Check it out! I'm not sure that anything could match raw cacao's rich and nutrient antioxidant value - it's just cray cray :- 

ORAC scores for the Top 10 Antioxidants Foods (per 100 grams)

1) Raw cocoa powder* 95,500

2) Raw cacao nibs* 62,100

3) Roasted cocoa powder 26,000

4) Organic Goji Berries* 25,300

5) Acai Berries* 18,500

6) Dark Chocolate 13,120

7) Milk Chocolate 6,740

8) Prunes 5,770

9) Raisins 2,830

10) Blueberries 2,400

Source: US department of Agriculture/Journal of American Chemical Society

*Brunswick Laboratories MA, USA

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/022610_cacao_chocolate_raw.html#ixzz2KSXZjUFt
So now that you're convinced that this is the real shizzle medizzle bo bizzile - wanna try to make some delicious raw chocolate at home!?? Yes ofcourse you do! Now, firstly - you're going to fork out some moolah to get the basics. But this is your HEALTH AND HAPPINESS MANNN - so don't bawk, just buy. And then enjoy. OH THE GOODNESS!!! :D

Here it is, Raw Choc Cacao that has only good stuff and tastes like milk chocolate rather than some dark chocolate monstrocity!


2/3 CUP OF RAW NUTS, WALNUTS, MACADAMIA, CASHEWS, ALMONDS. Mix the desired nut or combo of them in your food processor till they're a smooth nut milk/paste. Add some raw virgin coconut oil if it's a bit lumpy and hard to smooth.


1/4 - 2/3 CUP OF RAW HONEY (MANUKA IS DELISH!) AND OR COCONUT SYTRUP. I mix both of these, coconut syrup tastes a lot like maple syrup and the manuka honey has so many hilights to it it's divine.

2/3 CUP RAW CACAO BUTTER - you can buy this in handy nibs which look like white choc, but only smell like choc (o sugar yet to make it sweet)







1) Boil some water in a saucepan, place raw cacao butter nibs into a second metal or glass bowl, then lower this into the boiled pot of water. Hold it there, being careful not to place it so far in that it touches the base and comes into contact with direct heat - things could get funky then. Just gently heat the cacao butter till it melts, stirring to hurry the process a little.

2) Make nut butter by blending the nuts and coconut oil in your bullet food processor. Blend until smooth - or as close to smooth as you can manage. If it's lumpy with nuts, then

3) Transfer the nut butter and all other ingredients (you may hold off on the coconut for now) to a LARGER processor container if using small bullet blending attachment for the nut butter, otherwise just add to the nut butter container.

4) Process these ingredients until nicely combined. 

5) Using either ice cube trays, or chocolate templates (Woolworths and big W sell cute ones for $10 - 15 bucks), spray or drop some virgin coconut oil into the templates/trays and mix around with your finger. This is so the choccies come out after you're done!

6) Transfer the choc mixture into the templates with a tsp. After you have transferred half of your batch, you could now add coconut to the second half. Or even chopped dried fruits and nuts for extra crunch and flavour.

7) Place containers in freezer for ten plus minutes. Take out and slam those babies down on the clean kitchen bench you now have because you're not a grub and washed your precious food processor, then wiped down the benches with a tea tree or eucalyptus spray solution didn't you!! Now turn them over and smash it again. They should all fall out nicely. 
If not, stand there and think on it for a few minutes. As the possibilities are running through your mind of how you could possibly get those babies out, they will be melting at room temp hopefully, enough that the next time you try, miraculously - they'll just fall out like golden awesomeness.

Place these into the fridge, in handy snap containers. They are very rich, and at first you may think "Woah!" but you'll be back for more. My word, you'll be back.


It's true - I sometimes become annoyed. When I'm annoyed I lash out and have a few biting things to say. It's only because of this though:
Now I get it, conformism is all the rage these days. You are put through an entire theme of brainwashing and conformist preparation for the real world from School age on. This is why most people who home school and take their children to alternative schools like Steiner and Montessouri, among others out there, also tend to hold very similar political and idealist beliefs. They are probably considered hippies and weirdos by conformist society, in fact yes I know they are. But I am happy to remain apart of a different tangent of society. I realise that having alternative thoughts on politics and life in general can make one feel excluded at times, like the freak that the rest of society would like us to believe we are. But the truth is, they just don't see the things you see - and that's cool, I guess. I mean it's not really, because ignorance is never any excuse in the eyes of the law, so why is ignorance an excuse in life? If people weren't so ignorant to the blazing sh1tload of issues that confront each and every individual life form on this planet today, then I suppose real and lasting change would occur - and probably overnight. The masses of conformist minds would probably awaken an enormous change in the world, one that would be used for good rather than greed and evil... money, power - that seems to be what the world today is about. But that's because those people who have the power to change this sorry world's state have been convinced that they have no power to. Have been convinced that everything is out of their hands. In the words of our UK friends, BOLLOCKS!

We are so powerful. We have the power to heal our own bodies, our own minds, our own souls, those of our loves ones, those of our environment, we can change things in a big way if only we all were on the same page. But, corporate world government agendas want to keep the masses dumb, blind, deaf, and distracted. That's just the truth. 

They want us to buy their stupid sh1t that only makes us sicker and fatter and more slovenly than ever. They want us to buy their worthless foodstuffs, that are pumped full of crap and offer little to no actual sustenance and health benefit. They want us to buy their medicines, the ones that cause perpetual ill health and a plethora of side effects. Getting to the root of the problem is never as important as masking it so we can continue buying that stupid crap and eating that stupid crap. It's about the sum of it really as I see it.

I have delved deeper and deeper into this revolutionary mindset of alternative thought and ideas. And do you want to know where it's led me? (Not the insane asylum I assure you LOL) it's led me full circle, right back to the traditional concepts of living a good life. 

The many microorganisms and enzymes found in untouched, natural food - the grains, seeds, nuts, fruit and vegetables to be consumed which haven't been genetically altered, haven't been grown in unrealistic volumes and fighting nature, but WITH nature, symbiotically, using the natural world and it's own environmental health and vitality to ensure  great foods. 
The animals, treated with respect, raised in healthy natural environments to their species. Remaining healthy because they get to be real birds, cattle, pigs etc. That don't live in filth and confined overcrowded situations that reek of ill health and require copious additives, hormones, steroids, antibiotics. All as a precaution because their lives are so freaking miserable and substandard.

It just goes to show, we have become such an arrogant, self serving, brat like society - when all it takes is a little compassion and wisdom, sometimes shutting up to listen to others and take on board some of their alternative ideas so we can grow as people into compassionate and wise creatures. If all we are, is a mindless conformist creation of a greedy self serving Govt filled with a bunch of jerks who don't care for anyone else's wellbeing aside from their own... then how are we any more advanced than the sheep in the paddock and the debeaked chickens living in misery in a battery hen cage. How will we ever truly live and be happy? We can't. So let's all wake up and get back to reality. We only have one world - we should stop treating it like our own personal garbage dump, and instead like the Goddess/God it is to us. Provides us with all that we need to thrive and survive. Oh and while we're at it, let's start treating our own bodies with a bit of respect too. Ask it what it REALLY needs, and give it that. It needs to be healthy and full of vitality. With these things comes great responsibility and a need for true respect. Are we as advanced and evolved as we all assume? Is the western world the epitome of spiritual, mental and  physical great health? Errr, no. Far from it. So let's get off our high horse and down in the dirt. Let's grow our own backyard gardens, milk our own cow, fetch our own eggs. Let's be a community that cares about the needs of each other. ONE WORLD.
Up until this point with this site, I have been working hard to get to the heart of the matter, with all of the serious information that people really need but are mostly prevented and distracted from seeing. There are times when these things are of the utmost importance and can no longer simply be ignored and glossed over. Sometimes the most important research we do in our lives are to benefit not just ourselves and some University Professor, are not just for a grade and intended as empty information learned by ROTE, but are so essential to our very being that our health and happiness depend on it.

But now I shall enjoy taking you all on the next step of the journey, first comes the enlightenment to the truth, and then comes the empowerment to dig our way out of the mess and  find the ways to take our power back into our own hands, follow our own hearts and truth to a better, happier life and way of being. For me, the hard work is over and now it's time to relax and take it easy. To play with my family, replenish my energy and embark on the newest phase of the journey - implementing the information I have come to find along my path to this point of my journey.

Enjoy the ride!

From the Love and Wisdom of Bill Hicks - Life is just a ride

Bill Hicks on the Kennedy Assassination

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey have received all kinds of negative attacks due to their strong positions on Autism, Vaccinations and Biomedical Treatment to reverse Autism. I am saddened by this, as they obviously are sharing what they believe to be extremely positive and hopeful information for other Parents. And by the way, they are sharing something that has apparently worked for them. Evan is no longer considered within the spectrum. Furthermore, as is stated on this website, there are increasing numbers of Medical Professionals who are partaking in this very same treatment being advocated by the pair, and they too are discovering successful treatment is within the realm of possibility. This means hope for all of those families who are currently a victim of this epidemic.

I am not quite sure why Carrey and McCarthy receive such hatred and vitriol.  It seems in my opinion to be fear based.

I see a lot of negativity is directly related to their position on vaccinations. But if childhood vaccinations are causing horrible long term effects in babies, children, elderly and the rest of us - why are whistleblower/activists to blame for that? People are becoming more educated about the toxic contents of the vaccines, the true toll of vaccine injury, and by the way - by the ineffectiveness of most of the vaccines to actually eradicate and protect against disease!

It's a strange irony for me. Those that declare: "Unvaccinated children are putting our vaccinated children at risk of contracting the diseases they are vaccinated against!"

Shouldn't a vaccinated child already be protected? And if they contract a virus, shouldn't they be less affected? If it doesn't work, why are we giving them to our babies!?

What many people don't realise is that the outbreaks of things like Measles, Small Pox, and various other illnesses predominantly occur in vaccinated populations, and are carried by vaccinated people. But by George, is that a difficult concept to swallow. Especially considering the obvious direct risks associated with vaccinating with so many of these viruses, in such close proximity and such high numbers, in tiny people who have not yet developed strong enough Immune systems to handle the barrage! It is not a great leap to jump to the conclusion that an increase in autoimmune diseases (including autism) would reasonably have to include Vaccinations as a factor.

Don't believe there is any risk of injury associated with vaccinations? Then you need to educate yourself. There are payouts going about right now in closed court rooms and private meetings, where acknowledgement of the direct causal affect between vaccine and injuries including AUTISM, SEIZURE DISORDERS AND BRAIN DAMAGE. In fact there is a special Court set up in the U.S which deals only with such cases of vaccine injury.  And money speaks a thousand words for these Companies. You are not going to find these cases updated in the medical journals for a while. Many doctors are totally oblivious to the reality. They are not the G-d like individuals many people assume them to be. They do NOT have all the answers, or even all of the information. And by definition the majority of Doctors are conformist in view. 

Does Jenny McCarthy not have the RIGHT to her own personal experience and her own informed opinions on a subject which is obviously so near and dear to her heart?  Her own child? How long have we been a society which collectively dismiss and discredit the instincts of a Mother in regard to her own Child?

If she has no right to discuss the subject of her own child's illness, and to spread awareness of the aspects of Vaccination and Autism/Seizures related to that, then I am simply gobsmacked by the hypocrisy. 

I see a lot of parents in an uproar at any suggestion that their child's autism or seizure disorder could have anything whatsoever to do with toxins including those found in Vaccinations; of Immune Suppression, of which vaccinations are again a culprit and contributor, and physiological contributors relating to diet and nutrition/vitamin and minerals.

I struggle to understand, how those parents are not at least curious as to the hope that a claim such as this would give to not only them, but newly diagnosed sufferers? Perhaps its a fear that it will be false hope? I can understand this, but that hope is increasingly becoming backed by proof, successful cases of complete recovery from those formerly diagnosed with Autism.

What could someone like Jenny McCarthy gain from purposefully deceiving anybody, especially fellow victims of this enormous epidemic of autism spectrum and seizure disorders diagnosis?

The thought process confuses me. Is it simply a case of deciding that one must PICK A SIDE? 

Is it seen to be conventional western medicine and their "hands in the air - we don't know what it is or why it happens - this is just how it is!" approach, or the more all encompassing efforts of Doctors who consider dietary factors, toxin accumulation, immune suppression factors, and the connection between the health of the gut and overall human health?

Why does anyone have to choose a side? Isn't the only side worth considering, that of the TRUTH? Why cover our ears, shut our eyes and close our minds to the possibility that these very well reasoned individuals are actually speaking SENSE? 

Why must every Professional who backs up these claims that Autism is in fact related to the factors mentioned above, be discarded by mainstream parents as "Quacks and liars"? 

It seems illogical.

My advice, is listen, learn, weigh the arguments. Don't just dismiss things you have not even considered. That would be a real shame, because so many people have so much to offer in the way of valid and necessary information. And most of them are being ridiculed because they don't belong to the conformists of society who refuse to adapt and change as evidence comes to light which should indeed sway their opinion. That opinion is becoming increasingly supportive of the notion that Autism has it's roots in many variables, many of which can be altered and eliminated - and that many kids can actually be "cured."

Brain damage is a risk directly related to Vaccinations. And not all brain damage can be reversed, but as Jenny proposes, Autism is being uncovered and new researchers are discovering very hopeful prognosis. I hope we are all seeing a huge decline in this epidemic very soon. But this can only come through education. And you cannot educate someone who refuses to learn.


The fight against liars, manipulators and scoundrels. We have plenty of individuals trying to get the word out. But those who have the most numbers, the general population with the largest masses - they just don't seem interested enough to take note and pay attention.

Is this frustrating for the rest of us? You bet ya.

Can we do anything to force them to change their minds? Not unless we subversively do it on an subconscious level, gently gently, just as the Governments and Propaganda experts do.

Apparently it's the only way to change the ordinary person's mind.

So, maybe going out there and giving them all the facts at once turns some people running the distant corners, far away from the truth. Because sometimes the truth is far scarier than the lies.