Don't be fooled by P.R. campaigns which encourage you to buy every supplement and pill, chemical concoction and gargle to treat every affliction you have,. The truth is there are a huge number of natural remedies which have been used for a helluva long time (some of them millenia) and which have proven effective for all kinds of health ailments.

 Where do you think Western Medicine has it's roots? Google some Hippocrates Quotes (The Western Medical Practitioner takes the Hippocratic oath - to do no harm), and you will hear him speak like today's naturopath. Open minded, looking for cures and healing, not disease maintenance and chemical cocktails which hold us in a perpetual state of poor health.

Le'ts talk about OIL PULLING...

What in Gunji Sticks is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling involves the process of swishing oil in one's mouth, for between five and 20 minutes.  Doing this regularly as a detoxifying process not only benefits gum and oral health, with the oil binding to the fatty parts of bacteria which hide in the caverns and crevices of your teeth and gums. It is a way to cleanse your body at the earliest stage of illness. Afterall they say most if not all disease begins in the mouth (and 80% + of your immune system is present in your gut).

With the same old concept found in such natural principles of Homeopathy, and even spiritual principles, of "like attracting like", the oil binds to the bacteria, prying them from their lair and getting them ready for the almighty expulsion out of your body.


I have read about the benefits of using Coconut Oil in particular, due to the enzymes in your saliva and the antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial qualities of Raw Coconut Oil acting beneficially to eradicate nasties. Laboratory tests said coconut is the bees knees, and I knew this already so went with it. It is also the most palatable in my opinion.

Here is a great article on Detoxifying your body with the aide of Oil Pulling:

"Both detoxification and disease starts in the mouth. Besides being the beginning of the digestive tract, the mouth the point of origin for many bacteria to enter the body. Using an ancient Ayurvedic method of cleansing harmful bacteria from the mouth, oil pulling, you can do wonders for your health.

Bacteria in the mouth

There are more bacteria in the human mouth than there are people on earth and there are over 600 types of bacteria. In his book Oil Pulling Therapy, Dr. Bruce Fife discusses how the types and amounts of bacteria found in the mouth reflect a person's health. We all have both good and bad bacteria in our mouths, but healthier people have better ratios (more good, less bad). For example, high blood sugar encourages the growth of certain bacteria. Bad oral bacteria is also thought to be linked to heart disease. One study on over 1,300 people over a 10-yr period found that heart disease was three times more prevalent for those with gum disease.

A number of studies have demonstrated that oral bacteria can cause or trigger arthritis.

It is also well known that any oral virus or bacteria, even "good" bacteria, can become deadly if it enters the bloodstream (known as focal infection).

These examples demonstrate how complex and delicate our bacterial ecosystems are and how the simple practice of oil pulling can have such far reaching health benefits all over the body.

How does oil pulling work?

Oil pulling improves a number of health conditions ranging from eczema to arthritis through its affect on oral bacteria.

Brushing, flossing and mouthwash only reduce mouth bacteria for a short while by reducing the food particles bacteria eat. Oil pulling, however, is able to draw bacteria from every nook and cranny, bind to it, and eliminate it from the body. Talk about major detoxification!

As an added bonus for all the skeptics out there, oil pulling is a simple and inexpensive way to whiten teeth and freshen breath.

The impact of oil pulling on bacterial levels is greater than brushing and flossing for one simple reason: the membranes of microorganisms are fat-soluble, not water-soluble. When you put oil in your mouth and swish it through your teeth, bacteria hiding in crevices, gums, pores and tubules become attached to the oil. When you spit the oil out, you are also spitting out millions of bacteria and viruses that could cause or contribute to disease if left to proliferate.

So really, the oil is just a means of removing disease causing microorganisms so that your immune system doesn't have to work so hard and can instead focus its efforts elsewhere. In essence, the body heals itself. Oil pulling helps clear the path to enable that healing and detoxification.


How to add Oil Pulling to your Daily Routine

Because Virgin Coconut Oil is the best oil on planet Earth (my biased opinion ofcourse), and due to it's price tag being a premium, I decided to use Coconut Milk/Cream to do my daily Oil Pulling Regime. 

So, every morning and evening, you simply go to the fridge, and using a clean spoon, take a tablespoon of coconut cream/milk from the top of the glass of coconut milk you've left in your fridge (which has cling wrap covering it). 

Swish this delicious coconut cream in your mouth while you have some quiet time. Do your dishwashing, clothes washing, house tidying, take a shower. 

Don't swallow any! It is accumulating bacteria as you swish, getting down into the deep dark crevices in your mouth and attaching to the fatty parts of these pathogens and nasties. Do not GARGLE, because you'll probably choke on it and splutter down a bit.

Your kids will probably demand your attention during this time at first. My eldest was miffed at me and thought I was ignoring her for some sick punishment. She proceeded to scream and carry on until I finally spat it out and thought "WHAT THE fARK HAPPENED TO QUIET TIME IN THIS HOUSE!!!??" LMAO

It is advised that one doesn't spit it into the sink because of the bacteria it contains. I will confess, I spit it straight into the toilet. Forgive me, but the shit that goes in there ain't clean anyway. (Pardon the pun LMAO)

Brush your teeth, and await the health benefits. Including, it is rumoured, whiter brighter teeth. You may have an issue if there are any old bacterially infested fillings or crowns in your mouth.  It is suggested that the dislodgement of bacteria and probably plaque/tartar can make those old girls a bit wobbly. I'm more concerned about health than dirty old crowns, and so should you be ;)

The whole process feels a whole lot better for oral health than the infliction of alcohols and fluoride rinses which have been proven to cause such a disharmony in the mouth, one where bad bacteria can overcome the natural populations of good bacteria in the mouth, causing such conditions as halitosis. (severe bad breath).

Also - Oil Pulling is great for clearing sinuses. Noone explains exactly why, but as you're swishing you feel your sinuses emptying. It's weird. But good. Better out that in. I'd say it's due to the suction in your mouth pulling residual mucous out of your nasal passages. That's my guess anyway.

Another tip, whilst washing one's hair and face, it can be tricky to breath with a mouthful of coconut milk. Take this into account if you're not yet a seasoned Oil Pulling God or Goddess.

I hope this helps you on your path to overall health and wellbeing. Namaste'

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