Up until this point with this site, I have been working hard to get to the heart of the matter, with all of the serious information that people really need but are mostly prevented and distracted from seeing. There are times when these things are of the utmost importance and can no longer simply be ignored and glossed over. Sometimes the most important research we do in our lives are to benefit not just ourselves and some University Professor, are not just for a grade and intended as empty information learned by ROTE, but are so essential to our very being that our health and happiness depend on it.

But now I shall enjoy taking you all on the next step of the journey, first comes the enlightenment to the truth, and then comes the empowerment to dig our way out of the mess and  find the ways to take our power back into our own hands, follow our own hearts and truth to a better, happier life and way of being. For me, the hard work is over and now it's time to relax and take it easy. To play with my family, replenish my energy and embark on the newest phase of the journey - implementing the information I have come to find along my path to this point of my journey.

Enjoy the ride!

From the Love and Wisdom of Bill Hicks - Life is just a ride

Bill Hicks on the Kennedy Assassination

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