Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey have received all kinds of negative attacks due to their strong positions on Autism, Vaccinations and Biomedical Treatment to reverse Autism. I am saddened by this, as they obviously are sharing what they believe to be extremely positive and hopeful information for other Parents. And by the way, they are sharing something that has apparently worked for them. Evan is no longer considered within the spectrum. Furthermore, as is stated on this website, there are increasing numbers of Medical Professionals who are partaking in this very same treatment being advocated by the pair, and they too are discovering successful treatment is within the realm of possibility. This means hope for all of those families who are currently a victim of this epidemic.

I am not quite sure why Carrey and McCarthy receive such hatred and vitriol.  It seems in my opinion to be fear based.

I see a lot of negativity is directly related to their position on vaccinations. But if childhood vaccinations are causing horrible long term effects in babies, children, elderly and the rest of us - why are whistleblower/activists to blame for that? People are becoming more educated about the toxic contents of the vaccines, the true toll of vaccine injury, and by the way - by the ineffectiveness of most of the vaccines to actually eradicate and protect against disease!

It's a strange irony for me. Those that declare: "Unvaccinated children are putting our vaccinated children at risk of contracting the diseases they are vaccinated against!"

Shouldn't a vaccinated child already be protected? And if they contract a virus, shouldn't they be less affected? If it doesn't work, why are we giving them to our babies!?

What many people don't realise is that the outbreaks of things like Measles, Small Pox, and various other illnesses predominantly occur in vaccinated populations, and are carried by vaccinated people. But by George, is that a difficult concept to swallow. Especially considering the obvious direct risks associated with vaccinating with so many of these viruses, in such close proximity and such high numbers, in tiny people who have not yet developed strong enough Immune systems to handle the barrage! It is not a great leap to jump to the conclusion that an increase in autoimmune diseases (including autism) would reasonably have to include Vaccinations as a factor.

Don't believe there is any risk of injury associated with vaccinations? Then you need to educate yourself. There are payouts going about right now in closed court rooms and private meetings, where acknowledgement of the direct causal affect between vaccine and injuries including AUTISM, SEIZURE DISORDERS AND BRAIN DAMAGE. In fact there is a special Court set up in the U.S which deals only with such cases of vaccine injury.  And money speaks a thousand words for these Companies. You are not going to find these cases updated in the medical journals for a while. Many doctors are totally oblivious to the reality. They are not the G-d like individuals many people assume them to be. They do NOT have all the answers, or even all of the information. And by definition the majority of Doctors are conformist in view. 

Does Jenny McCarthy not have the RIGHT to her own personal experience and her own informed opinions on a subject which is obviously so near and dear to her heart?  Her own child? How long have we been a society which collectively dismiss and discredit the instincts of a Mother in regard to her own Child?

If she has no right to discuss the subject of her own child's illness, and to spread awareness of the aspects of Vaccination and Autism/Seizures related to that, then I am simply gobsmacked by the hypocrisy. 

I see a lot of parents in an uproar at any suggestion that their child's autism or seizure disorder could have anything whatsoever to do with toxins including those found in Vaccinations; of Immune Suppression, of which vaccinations are again a culprit and contributor, and physiological contributors relating to diet and nutrition/vitamin and minerals.

I struggle to understand, how those parents are not at least curious as to the hope that a claim such as this would give to not only them, but newly diagnosed sufferers? Perhaps its a fear that it will be false hope? I can understand this, but that hope is increasingly becoming backed by proof, successful cases of complete recovery from those formerly diagnosed with Autism.

What could someone like Jenny McCarthy gain from purposefully deceiving anybody, especially fellow victims of this enormous epidemic of autism spectrum and seizure disorders diagnosis?

The thought process confuses me. Is it simply a case of deciding that one must PICK A SIDE? 

Is it seen to be conventional western medicine and their "hands in the air - we don't know what it is or why it happens - this is just how it is!" approach, or the more all encompassing efforts of Doctors who consider dietary factors, toxin accumulation, immune suppression factors, and the connection between the health of the gut and overall human health?

Why does anyone have to choose a side? Isn't the only side worth considering, that of the TRUTH? Why cover our ears, shut our eyes and close our minds to the possibility that these very well reasoned individuals are actually speaking SENSE? 

Why must every Professional who backs up these claims that Autism is in fact related to the factors mentioned above, be discarded by mainstream parents as "Quacks and liars"? 

It seems illogical.

My advice, is listen, learn, weigh the arguments. Don't just dismiss things you have not even considered. That would be a real shame, because so many people have so much to offer in the way of valid and necessary information. And most of them are being ridiculed because they don't belong to the conformists of society who refuse to adapt and change as evidence comes to light which should indeed sway their opinion. That opinion is becoming increasingly supportive of the notion that Autism has it's roots in many variables, many of which can be altered and eliminated - and that many kids can actually be "cured."

Brain damage is a risk directly related to Vaccinations. And not all brain damage can be reversed, but as Jenny proposes, Autism is being uncovered and new researchers are discovering very hopeful prognosis. I hope we are all seeing a huge decline in this epidemic very soon. But this can only come through education. And you cannot educate someone who refuses to learn.

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