It's true - I sometimes become annoyed. When I'm annoyed I lash out and have a few biting things to say. It's only because of this though:
Now I get it, conformism is all the rage these days. You are put through an entire theme of brainwashing and conformist preparation for the real world from School age on. This is why most people who home school and take their children to alternative schools like Steiner and Montessouri, among others out there, also tend to hold very similar political and idealist beliefs. They are probably considered hippies and weirdos by conformist society, in fact yes I know they are. But I am happy to remain apart of a different tangent of society. I realise that having alternative thoughts on politics and life in general can make one feel excluded at times, like the freak that the rest of society would like us to believe we are. But the truth is, they just don't see the things you see - and that's cool, I guess. I mean it's not really, because ignorance is never any excuse in the eyes of the law, so why is ignorance an excuse in life? If people weren't so ignorant to the blazing sh1tload of issues that confront each and every individual life form on this planet today, then I suppose real and lasting change would occur - and probably overnight. The masses of conformist minds would probably awaken an enormous change in the world, one that would be used for good rather than greed and evil... money, power - that seems to be what the world today is about. But that's because those people who have the power to change this sorry world's state have been convinced that they have no power to. Have been convinced that everything is out of their hands. In the words of our UK friends, BOLLOCKS!

We are so powerful. We have the power to heal our own bodies, our own minds, our own souls, those of our loves ones, those of our environment, we can change things in a big way if only we all were on the same page. But, corporate world government agendas want to keep the masses dumb, blind, deaf, and distracted. That's just the truth. 

They want us to buy their stupid sh1t that only makes us sicker and fatter and more slovenly than ever. They want us to buy their worthless foodstuffs, that are pumped full of crap and offer little to no actual sustenance and health benefit. They want us to buy their medicines, the ones that cause perpetual ill health and a plethora of side effects. Getting to the root of the problem is never as important as masking it so we can continue buying that stupid crap and eating that stupid crap. It's about the sum of it really as I see it.

I have delved deeper and deeper into this revolutionary mindset of alternative thought and ideas. And do you want to know where it's led me? (Not the insane asylum I assure you LOL) it's led me full circle, right back to the traditional concepts of living a good life. 

The many microorganisms and enzymes found in untouched, natural food - the grains, seeds, nuts, fruit and vegetables to be consumed which haven't been genetically altered, haven't been grown in unrealistic volumes and fighting nature, but WITH nature, symbiotically, using the natural world and it's own environmental health and vitality to ensure  great foods. 
The animals, treated with respect, raised in healthy natural environments to their species. Remaining healthy because they get to be real birds, cattle, pigs etc. That don't live in filth and confined overcrowded situations that reek of ill health and require copious additives, hormones, steroids, antibiotics. All as a precaution because their lives are so freaking miserable and substandard.

It just goes to show, we have become such an arrogant, self serving, brat like society - when all it takes is a little compassion and wisdom, sometimes shutting up to listen to others and take on board some of their alternative ideas so we can grow as people into compassionate and wise creatures. If all we are, is a mindless conformist creation of a greedy self serving Govt filled with a bunch of jerks who don't care for anyone else's wellbeing aside from their own... then how are we any more advanced than the sheep in the paddock and the debeaked chickens living in misery in a battery hen cage. How will we ever truly live and be happy? We can't. So let's all wake up and get back to reality. We only have one world - we should stop treating it like our own personal garbage dump, and instead like the Goddess/God it is to us. Provides us with all that we need to thrive and survive. Oh and while we're at it, let's start treating our own bodies with a bit of respect too. Ask it what it REALLY needs, and give it that. It needs to be healthy and full of vitality. With these things comes great responsibility and a need for true respect. Are we as advanced and evolved as we all assume? Is the western world the epitome of spiritual, mental and  physical great health? Errr, no. Far from it. So let's get off our high horse and down in the dirt. Let's grow our own backyard gardens, milk our own cow, fetch our own eggs. Let's be a community that cares about the needs of each other. ONE WORLD.

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