It has been a beneficial journey towards better health and improved vitality I have been traipsing on with my family. Not so long ago I looked at food merely as a satisfying belly filler, basing my choices on taste over health or nutrition in particular. Not that we have ever eaten overly badly, but when I look now at some of the choices my family made diet wise, I know that I would rarely decide those same options now. Too much information embedded in my consciousness now helps me to make a whole menagerie of better choices.

One of the easiest choices for any on of us to incorporate into our diets, and that of our children - is RAW CACAO POWDER. What the hell is it? Well its just raw chocolate powder - similar to that you might find in your Grocery store cake supplies aisle. The difference is, that rather than looking at chocolate powder merely as an artificial delicacy, empty of nutrition and full of sugar peaks and sugar crashes after the fact - it could be seen as an enormously health benefiting super food. Because it is! Okay - not the cadburys stuff you find in the local supermarket - but the Raw Cocoa/cacao powder. 

The difference? Processing vs unprocessed. There is no taste difference whatsoever, it looks exactly the same as processed chocolate. Neither are sweet, both require added sweetening to taste like the chocolate milk you know and love. But the difference is so extreme it's hard to believe they are the same product.

The question is, why would ANYBODY choose processed cocoa over the raw stuff? It's a no brainer - cost. The cost of buying raw organic cacao powder online or in the health food store is higher than one would expect from the cheap and nasty versions that have been processed to all but completely lose their health benefits.

So, if you are willing to give your body an enormous boost of vitamins and minerals - if you want the highest possible source of Antioxidant value that you can get anywhere in any other foods you could consume - then you must replace the old Milo tin or Cocoa powder from the grocery store with some Raw Cacao Powder. I have two sources that I buy from online. The first is www.maretai.com and the second is www.organicsaustraliaonline.com.au

Now for the recipe! It's easy, and I feel a lot less guilty giving my daughters a chocolate milk shake these days than I used to!



1 tsp raw cacao powder
1 - 2 tsp manuka honey/raw sugar
3/4 cup hot , just boiled spring water
3/4 cup whole organic milk/rice/oat/almond etc


1) Heat water in saucepan or kettle to boil. 
2) Add the milk to your cup/bottle. 
3) Add the raw cacao powder and sweetener to the cup/bottle
4) Pour the water in, shake or stir to mix.

You want to add the milk first so that the water doesn't scald the raw cacao. By mixing the milk and cacao a little first, you reduce this substantially. Your milkshake will be warm not scalding hot - perfect for babies and children to drink immediately.

And rather than filling them with unwanted crap - you know the sugar they're getting and you know that using this recipe you are giving your kids an amazing antioxidant boost that no other ingredient can match!

Go make a chocolate milk and relax - you got this. :D

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