You will never forcibly change the minds of those who refuse to see. You can use up all of your energy arguing with someone over something that they will never concede has any foundation in reasoning, and who you will never offer enough information to dismantle their well constructed walls of self preserving determination to believe what they already hold true.

Rather than fight and fight to break down their barriers and enlighten them, instead spend your time and energy like I am here - start your own insightful blog, repeat keywords within that blog or website so that when other fellow truth seekers will be able to find you on the world wide web! That's how Google works you know!? The more a keyword is repeated, the more appropriately it will land on the top of the Search results lists! Your message can then reach those who crave that amazing information that you are trying to force down another's gullet unwillingly. They will appreciate your efforts, it will aide them in their own journey to enlightenment and awareness.

Your power and energy can be used proactively, even despite what you may have experienced which has suggested you should just throw in the towel and give up on it. We know how hard it is to stay positive about making real change to the world, when there is so much going on which is disheartening. But let your light shine brighter than all of that! Let your light reach as far and wide as it can go. Never stop improving your own awareness, and don't stop sharing just because there are ignorant among us who refuse to see how little they know ... yet.

It is just a part of their journey, and you are on your own path. Share and connect with those who match the same frequency as yourself. Because they are feeling lonely too! Connect and regain your positivity once more. There will never be a time on Earth that fellow light workers and truth seekers aren't here to spread the word, to spread love and light and truth and peace. Listen carefully, go about your work as though they are right there beside you. Because they are, in Spirit. And in time you will feel their numbers and realise you were never alone in your fight after all. Much Love to All <3 <3 <3 <3

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