All of these information resources that are being provided on this site, all of the references that are inspiring further scrutiny in the habits we have, the chemicals we expose ourselves to, the behaviours we form, all if it could be seen to be only creating a state of fear and anxiety in us.

It's everywhere. the toxins, they are so invasive and insideous in their incorporation into our lives! But being aware, is the first step to better living and our highest potential for health and happiness!

You can CHOOSE not to be involved in the chemical toxification of your environment. You can actively make decisions and choices which eliminate and reduce the exposure you and your entire family have to these dangerous substances!

You can decide that better health is your G-d given RIGHT! What then, are some of the tools which we can encompass to achieve these goals?

  • We can choose to grow our own fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables in our own backyard organic gardens! 
  • We can buy organic produce wherever reasonable for the fruit, meat, spices, oils and vegetables we cannot grow ourselves
  • We can peel our raw fruits when they are not organic, to significantly reduce our exposure to the pesticides and bacteria found on the protective skins of these products
  • We can improve our diet, to eliminate synthetic chemicals and additives which are harmful to our health. We can replace these harmful additives with whole food diets, raw and organic products which are extremely high in vitamins and minerals
  • We can change the personal care products we use for ourselves and our family, and eliminate harmful, cheaply made, synthetic chemicals from those beauty and therapeutic products
  • We can decide to make informative decisions regarding personal vaccinations, we can make sound judgements on the frequency and relevance of particular vaccinations - weighing the risks associated with them, including the high toll they pose on the immature immune systems of our infants
  • We can wash the foods that have been affected with pesticide use. Proper washing includes the use of non toxic natural soap/detergents, to remove the water resistant "sticking" properties of residual pesticides, following by clean fresh water to rinse both before human consumption
  • We can choose to drink only fluoride free spring/purified alkalised water, and to install purifying  systems into our homes to avoid chlorine and fluoride exposure to ourselves
  • We can buy fair trade, We can buy products which are ethically sourced, and which show respect both for the animals and products they produce. 
  • We can choose to buy Organic Meat. There are so many risks associated with animals who not only consume Genetically modified foods during their lives, but are injected with hormones to have them grow at extremely abnormal speeds, that are fed their own kind (especially in the case of animals such as cattle, herbivores who are not intended to consume meat, certainly not cattle products, but which are forced to in many farms raising foodstock animals today)
  • We can keep our own backyard chickens, preventing the blatant abuses inflicted in many caged and other varieties of chicken meat and egg producing animals. In this way, we can ensure the happiness, health, and wellbeing of the animals. This is ethical from an animal rights perspective, as well as from a human health and wellbeing perspective
  • We can use alternative therapies to aide us in detoxing from these harmful chemicals and toxins. 
  • We can improve the awareness of our fellow neighbours, friends and families. We can share what we know, express our opinions and discuss the reasons behind our choices. An awakening of awareness to the risks and benefits can then be available for all of us to share.

So you can see, not all is glum. There is much we can do to improve our lives. So remain positive, keep your attention focussed on the ways in which we can all improve our health and wellbeing, and stay strong. There is hope for a better future for all of us, including those precious children of ours.
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Nice job with this page! I really enjoy it.


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