You will never forcibly change the minds of those who refuse to see. You can use up all of your energy arguing with someone over something that they will never concede has any foundation in reasoning, and who you will never offer enough information to dismantle their well constructed walls of self preserving determination to believe what they already hold true.

Rather than fight and fight to break down their barriers and enlighten them, instead spend your time and energy like I am here - start your own insightful blog, repeat keywords within that blog or website so that when other fellow truth seekers will be able to find you on the world wide web! That's how Google works you know!? The more a keyword is repeated, the more appropriately it will land on the top of the Search results lists! Your message can then reach those who crave that amazing information that you are trying to force down another's gullet unwillingly. They will appreciate your efforts, it will aide them in their own journey to enlightenment and awareness.

Your power and energy can be used proactively, even despite what you may have experienced which has suggested you should just throw in the towel and give up on it. We know how hard it is to stay positive about making real change to the world, when there is so much going on which is disheartening. But let your light shine brighter than all of that! Let your light reach as far and wide as it can go. Never stop improving your own awareness, and don't stop sharing just because there are ignorant among us who refuse to see how little they know ... yet.

It is just a part of their journey, and you are on your own path. Share and connect with those who match the same frequency as yourself. Because they are feeling lonely too! Connect and regain your positivity once more. There will never be a time on Earth that fellow light workers and truth seekers aren't here to spread the word, to spread love and light and truth and peace. Listen carefully, go about your work as though they are right there beside you. Because they are, in Spirit. And in time you will feel their numbers and realise you were never alone in your fight after all. Much Love to All <3 <3 <3 <3
All of these information resources that are being provided on this site, all of the references that are inspiring further scrutiny in the habits we have, the chemicals we expose ourselves to, the behaviours we form, all if it could be seen to be only creating a state of fear and anxiety in us.

It's everywhere. the toxins, they are so invasive and insideous in their incorporation into our lives! But being aware, is the first step to better living and our highest potential for health and happiness!

You can CHOOSE not to be involved in the chemical toxification of your environment. You can actively make decisions and choices which eliminate and reduce the exposure you and your entire family have to these dangerous substances!

You can decide that better health is your G-d given RIGHT! What then, are some of the tools which we can encompass to achieve these goals?

  • We can choose to grow our own fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables in our own backyard organic gardens! 
  • We can buy organic produce wherever reasonable for the fruit, meat, spices, oils and vegetables we cannot grow ourselves
  • We can peel our raw fruits when they are not organic, to significantly reduce our exposure to the pesticides and bacteria found on the protective skins of these products
  • We can improve our diet, to eliminate synthetic chemicals and additives which are harmful to our health. We can replace these harmful additives with whole food diets, raw and organic products which are extremely high in vitamins and minerals
  • We can change the personal care products we use for ourselves and our family, and eliminate harmful, cheaply made, synthetic chemicals from those beauty and therapeutic products
  • We can decide to make informative decisions regarding personal vaccinations, we can make sound judgements on the frequency and relevance of particular vaccinations - weighing the risks associated with them, including the high toll they pose on the immature immune systems of our infants
  • We can wash the foods that have been affected with pesticide use. Proper washing includes the use of non toxic natural soap/detergents, to remove the water resistant "sticking" properties of residual pesticides, following by clean fresh water to rinse both before human consumption
  • We can choose to drink only fluoride free spring/purified alkalised water, and to install purifying  systems into our homes to avoid chlorine and fluoride exposure to ourselves
  • We can buy fair trade, We can buy products which are ethically sourced, and which show respect both for the animals and products they produce. 
  • We can choose to buy Organic Meat. There are so many risks associated with animals who not only consume Genetically modified foods during their lives, but are injected with hormones to have them grow at extremely abnormal speeds, that are fed their own kind (especially in the case of animals such as cattle, herbivores who are not intended to consume meat, certainly not cattle products, but which are forced to in many farms raising foodstock animals today)
  • We can keep our own backyard chickens, preventing the blatant abuses inflicted in many caged and other varieties of chicken meat and egg producing animals. In this way, we can ensure the happiness, health, and wellbeing of the animals. This is ethical from an animal rights perspective, as well as from a human health and wellbeing perspective
  • We can use alternative therapies to aide us in detoxing from these harmful chemicals and toxins. 
  • We can improve the awareness of our fellow neighbours, friends and families. We can share what we know, express our opinions and discuss the reasons behind our choices. An awakening of awareness to the risks and benefits can then be available for all of us to share.

So you can see, not all is glum. There is much we can do to improve our lives. So remain positive, keep your attention focussed on the ways in which we can all improve our health and wellbeing, and stay strong. There is hope for a better future for all of us, including those precious children of ours.
It has been a long road we have all traveled, that has brought so many of us to this point - where we seek real truth and the answers to seemingly graspable questions that burn within all of us, relating to our own health and wellbeing, and that of our children and loved ones. But more than that, the health and happiness of the world at large, of which we are all undeniably a part and connected. Of which we all owe a debt and responsibility. Of which we should all love and embrace,

There are those who will tell you to deny your own truth seeking conscience. The radar in which the lies separate so distinguishable from the truth we all know already lies within our being. Some of us call it intuition, others put it down to mere instincts, mortal and unremarkable. But there are so many of us who understand the inextricable connection that it holds to our Higher Self - that enlightened aspect of ourselves that connects to us here on this Earth plane, and never ceases to brighten and encourage us in our search,

Everything about our Western world today appears to actively destroy any enlightened thoughts and feelings. There are faux fronts which give the illusion to participants of the system that they are contributing to a better world for all of us. You may donate to institutes which are supposedly there to assist humankind - you can donate money to any number of illness related causes: cancer, aids research. You can take your flu shots, inject your kids with vaccines, all to "protect everyone else in the herd etc". But this is a substandard way of contributing and living. The first step is an acknowledgement by all of us, that we are all apart of a greater being, far greater than we are permitted to acknowledge in this day and age - lest we be labelled on "the fringe of society". "Crackpots, trippers, paranoid, delusional". Oh yes we get all of that and more, whenever we speak up and question the world around us. We need to embrace the fact that our beliefs are not yet accepted by the masses. Don't take offence to it. The fact of the matter is, the most poignant minds and souls of our history, were treated as fearmongerers and liars, because they threatened the status quo of their day. The powers that seek to control all people do not want independent thinkers. They do not want the rest of the population to realise that this system is a pyramid, with the power being at the people at the bottom. Those that are most mistreated, experimented on, used as pawns in a large game of manipulation. Because if we all woke up - who would be left to do the dirty work without question? If we all loved our fellow man, who would go to war and kill his brother? If we all believed we have a higher self, that we should follow above any other, why would we allow ourselves to be so controlled and manipulated by governments and others? The answer is, we are more powerful than we realise - there are more truth seekers by the day, who know something isn;t right, but are so deprived of information to support their consciences (thanks to the powerful control and propaganda machine which, as in The Truman Show, carefully manipulates every thought and belief system, fostering it's own reality - one that's far from beneficial for all of us.)

 From the Medicine practiced and held in a Godliness that is not to be questioned, all the while which completely disregards any association of the human body with the human spirit/energy system/life force. That dismisses the traditional practices of eastern and other philosophy and medicine, the ones that have been around for thousands of years and which to this day continue to fill the gaps that western medicine cannot with all of its chemical cocktails and toxic manipulations of the human form. 

Then there is the blatant industrialist machine which proves to all people that in it's perspective, we are all nothing more than spokes in a rather enormous chain - a machine of greed seeking, of undeniable evil, lack of conscience, lack of empathy and concern for the very people who depend on it for survival. Believing  there is no other way to survive. (Of course they are mistaken, but it is a part of the system itself to convince all participants that they are nothing without it).

The positive news is, there have been many truth seekers before us who brought with them so much information and truth. Their work can so easily be seen now to link to it's partner, further truth seekers who didn't realise at the time of their epiphanies and revelations that they would help build a big picture which can be so easily digested by the conscience we all use to split truth from fiction. A bullshit barometer I like to refer to it as.  There will be many after us who seek the truth too. 

We are indeed a fringe movement, we may never form a united front and there may never be a true awakening - don't be limited by beliefs that you need to belong to a group to feel powerful. Each of us who awakes to the truth, is brighter for it. Our light shines like a lighthouse in the darkness that encompasses our new world. Others who seek the truth will gravitate to our side one by one, we will collectively see - we are not alone. "The truth is out there" and we are always around you, but we just may not be pushing our reality onto others. Many of us have become disheartened by the lack of awareness others might have, by their ignorance to things which should be important to them too, by their inability to adapt to new ideas unless it's been delivered to them by the very system we are screaming is faulted and manipulating them for its own agenda. So we don't go pushing our ideas on those who don't seek them anymore. If asked, we have a wealth of knowledge, but our energy is wasted and our being becomes frustrated and disheartened, whenever we attempt to change the minds of those who are too arrogant and naive to wake up. If you have found this place, you have probably experienced the same. Perhaps you are still trying to change people's minds, and are hoping it will affect change. But the change comes from the slow enlightenment, by awakening ourselves and following our own path to truth. And by joining hands with those along the way who don't need to be force fed anything, we understand that same truth and feel its power. 

 There are not many out there who haven't been cohercively manipulated, mostly on a subconscious level (through blatant propaganda and mind control techniques), a chemical level, (through the intentional addition of toxins in our personal biospheres, to pacify us, to make us sick and dependent on the very system which made us unhealthy to begin with.) Do not be disheartened by them. The Christians and others describe the masses as sheep, and for good reason it seems. We have only so much responsibility to change their minds. Don't waste all of your energy on achieving that - instead spend it knowing the truth, exposing the lies that you find, and being consciously aware for yourself. They will awaken when they're ready, when their own intuition switches on and they find pebbles to the same trail we have discovered before them. We will all meet up again eventually, all things in their own time :)